"The house protects the dreamer..."
-Gaston Bachelard


Of Quartz Interiors is a home accessory boutique offering vintage, handmade and imported items that celebrate the spirit of adventure, artistic expression and modern, bohemian living. 

My Story

My name is Julie and I am the creator of Of Quartz Interiors. I am an artist and I have spent much of my life traveling, playing music, creating and dreaming. My personal style is inspired by the places I have seen. The vibrant textiles of India, the incredible architecture of Spain, the laid back beach bungalows of Thailand...I believe that the world has so much beauty to offer and I love trying to capture it in the feeling of my home. After all, Your home is your sanctuary and it should feel like magic.

I graduated in 2016 from The Heritage School of Interior Design in Portland, Oregon and since then, I have been designing, creating and curating my own collection of home accessories. My work as an artist, designer and entrepreneur is constantly evolving, but what remains constant is my belief that injecting creativity and beauty into your surroundings will keep you inspired and make you dream bigger. Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!